Friday, September 9, 2011

The Big 1k Fan Giveaway!!!

Welcome all my amazingly wonderful fans <3 First of all I just want to start off by saying WOW! Im so honored to have ONE THOUSAND people like my page. I feel beyond blessed to have come this far. I still remember the day I only had 5 fans! You all have made this a wonderful experience. And to celebrate, this giveaway is for you. Now lets get started! First I think Im suppose to state this:

*This giveaway is in no way sponsored by, endorsed by, administered by or affiliated/associated with Facebook. Participants are providing information to Kissed By The Moment Photography and participating vendors; not Facebook. Winners will not be notified or announced on Facebook.

Ok Heres How To Enter:

Go through and "Like" all the vendors fan pages listed, from your personal facebook page. If your already a fan then I guess your already a step ahead =) Leave a comment on all of the vendors walls and tag my page (To tag me, push the @ symbol and then start typing my page name, Once it pops up just click on it.. simple!) to ensure that I can trace your entry. You must then post this link on your wall telling all your friends you just entered the giveaway (Please tag me in this post too). And last but not least, please leave a comment on this blog that you've completed your entry. If you do not comment on the blog, I cannot count your entry. Be sure to include your email address so that I may contact you if you win. Again, THIS WILL NOT BE ANNOUNCED ON FACEBOOK.

The contest will end on October 1st, 2011. The winners will be chosen randomly (I will not be choosing). There will be 3 winners chosen. I will contact you through email, and you have 2 days to respond. If you do not respond within the 2 days, I will move on to the next winner and they will recieve first pick from the prizes. The first place winner will get their choice of 8 prizes. Once the first place winner has picked their prizes, I will contact the 2nd place winner. The second place winner will recieve their choice of 6 of the remaining prizes. The third place winner will then recieve the last 4 remaining prizes.

It will be the winners responsibility to contact the vendors of the prizes they have chosen. You must contact vendors within 30 days to claim your prizes, otherwise prizes will be forfeited.

Now what you've been waiting for, the prizes and vendors! Make sure to go through and like all of them! Good luck fans!

Beautiful Photo Props: Purple Flower Crochet Hat (Shown in bottom right corner)

Mimis Babies: $15 Shop Credit To Be Used In The Etsy Shop

Mandas BOWtique: Alligator Clip or Snap Clip Bow (Winners Choice). Purplish Pink w/ Damask Design. Shipping will be $1

Whimsical Whatnots: Newborn Size Owl Hat. Winner Chooses Colors. Free Shipping For US Residents. $5 Shipping Outside Of US.

Moo Moo Baby Boutique: $15 Shop Credit

Sweet Cheeks Photography Props: Newborn Cream Colored Bear Hat And Caccoon Crochet Set. Flowers are removeable.

Baby Bling By Dara: Red Chiffon Bloomers Available In Size Small Or Medium

Lillian Grace Creations: $15 gift card towards a custom order or ready made items in store.
Winner pays shipping

Crafty Chics Photography Props: Chunky Cocoon in Cream.Winner chooses the color. 
 The value is $30

Trendy Ties: Newborn Necktie. Style Will Be Decided Randomly By Vendor.
Values at $17.95

As Design'd: 10 Flat 4x6 Christmas Cards With Envelopes

Simply Sweet Pea Bows: $15 Gift Voucher

Creative Creations By Chantelle: Victorian Inspired Headband

Diva Jewlz Boutique: 2 Hairbows. Both Hairbows Require $2 Shipping.

Picture Perfect Boutique: Newborn Merino Beanie worth $25

Baby Dream Backdrop: $50 Gift Card

Kissed By The Moment Photography: ( Locals May Choose Between A Free Session valued at $60 or)
A Mini Pink and Black Top Hat. Size 6 months.
Winner Pays $3 shipping.

Kustom Kakes By Stephanie Allison: 15 Delicious Cake Pops.

Crafty Kellis: Custom Taggy Blanket


A HUGE thanks to all the vendors for participating!


  1. Just finished every thing even double checked to make sure I tagged you in them all and just finished posting to my wall!! YAY this is soo exciting!!

  2. I completed the entry! So many super cute things!

  3. I liked all of the vendors and left a comment on all of their walls thanking them for being a part of your giveaway. I also tagged you. I posted this link on my wall telling all of my friends that I just entered the giveaway and tagged you. Thank you for hosting this awesome giveaway! :)

  4. Just finished everything!(:

  5. Completed all the steps leaving some love for the sponsors and sharing on my wall. Thanks for hosting this! Good luck to all.

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  6. Liked all the vendors and tagged you
    shared publicly on my FB status this wonderful giveaway!

    Thank you for the amazing giveaway!

    Alena Bejenarou

  7. just finished everything!

    thank you so much for this opportunity!

    pretty picture prints

  8. Just finished liking and leaving love for all the vendors and sharing on my wall. TY

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  9. OOh forgot my Email its! Ashley Glauser

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  12. Just finished my Entry! Can't wait to see who wins..Thanks for the

  13. I've completed all the steps!! Thanks so much to the vendors and yourself for hosting!! XOXO!!!
    Shannon Griffith

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  15. Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway! I have liked and sent love to all the vendors! :)
    Amanda Andersen

  16. I did it all.

  17. Wow! I just liked all your vendors and left love on their wall! Also, shared on my wall. Thank you for hosting this great giveaway!
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  18. Left love on all the vendors pages. and im posting the link with a tag right now. I love this!!

  19. So Excited!! You are great and great Vendors. Thanks. I liked all the vendors and posted the link on my wall. Great giveaway!!

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  23. awesome giveaway I have liked all vendors and left love with all except beautiful photo props. for some reason I am not allowed to comment on their page so I sent her an email once she respons I will gladly show her some love I am already a fan of her page though

    Lana R.

  24. I liked all the vendors and left love thanking them for being in your giveaway. Also posted your link on my page!!
    Amanda Blake Sharpe

  25. I have liked and left love on all the vendor's pages. I also posted a link for the giveaway on my facebook wall.

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  26. I just liked everyone and gave love as well. I shared the blog address on my Facebook page because the @ thing wasnt working.

    Joanna McKinley

  27. I don't think my last post actually posted, but if it did, I apologize. I had a fun time liking some new people on fb. I put the link to the giveaway on my fb. Thanks for hosting a great giveaway.

    Lindsay Sturm

  28. I don't think my last post actually posted, but if it did, I apologize. I had a fun time liking some new people on fb. I put the link to the giveaway on my fb. Thanks for hosting a great giveaway.

    Lindsay Sturm

  29. Ive completed all the steps..
    Thanks so much

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  30. I just finished all the steps.... I would love to win !!!!!


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    and thank you!!

  38. Thanks for the giveaway ...I have completed my entry... Hope I win :)

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  39. I've "liked" and written on all their walls with your name tagged! Also shared this link on my wall! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  40. All the stuff is adorable!...Ive entered!

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  42. Completed Entry!

    Liked all vendors & Left comments on all pages saying you sent me or thanks to those who I already was a fan of!

    & also shared this link on my wall!

    Jess Geddes

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  44. thank you for this amazing giveaway!

  45. Thanks for the giveaway! And I completed and tagged as asked!!!

  46. I have liked all the vendors and posted this on my wall :) thanks for the awesome giveaway

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